We offer a dental on-call service at VHD Dental in addition to our opening hours.

We are not physically in the practice around the clock, so please call us to arrange a time that we can open the practice for you. It is also important to describe your symptoms so that we can prepare for the treatment and know whether your symptoms should be treated by a dentist or whether you should go to the hospital.

It is especially difficult to find a dentist at night or on weekends. It becomes even more difficult if you are looking for a dentist who speaks your mother tongue at these times. At VHD Dental we speak German, Spanish and English fluently.

But what exactly is a dental emergency, how do you know when it's time to call us? Here is a list of common emergencies that require treatment at night or on weekends:


  • Acute inflammation with severe swelling and pain that does not disappear with painkillers.
  • Non-stoppable bleeding after surgical procedures in the dental practice or with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. (tooth extraction/implant treatment, other operations)
  • Accidents that affect the mouth/jaw area, for example, broken teeth, a split lip or a bitten-off tongue, etc.

If you have been suffering from constant complaints for a long time, please refrain from waking us up in the middle of the night. Please remember, there could be a serious emergency on the same night. It would be a shame if we were then unable to concentrate fully due to fatigue.

The treatments we perform on-call are mostly:

  • Repair or reattach dentures (crowns/veneers/bridges)
  • Root canal treatments
  • Create/glue temporaries
  • Fillings
  • Prescriptions for painkillers/antibiotics
  • Suture bleeding wounds
  • X-rays

So don't hesitate to call us if you think it might be an emergency. We are here for you and will be happy to advise you.

One final tip:
Save our emergency number so it’s the first number in your list of contacts. You should have all emergency numbers there. Most of the time, people are very agitated and frantic during an acute emergency. This way you can find us faster and won't lose valuable time.