We continuously invest in skills development and offer dentistry according to the latest standards. We work closely with you to develop a treatment concept that is adapted to your teeth and your wishes. With us, you won't get anything you don't want or that we think is superfluous. The best foundation on which to build a perfect result is a trusting doctor/patient relationship. We are firmly convinced of that! We, that is:

Dr. Víctor J. Hernández Darias

Dentist - Owner of the dental clinic

Born in 1990, he studied dentistry at the renowned Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid. He has been practising in his own practice since 2020. Víctor keeps himself and his team up to date with the latest research through extensive training. Dental care, teeth cleaning, implantations, dentures and paediatric dentistry are just as much part of his competence package as up-to-date counselling and holistic therapy aspects. In addition to his extensive surgical training, since 2022 Víctor has held a master's degree in orthodontics and orthopedics. Víctor is a perfectionist when it comes to implants in guide surgery , extractions and complete renewals. His credo: Function and beauty are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary: they belong together like summer and sun. "If fillings and dentures are not recognisable as such, I am satisfied," says the self-confessed aesthete. Thanks to his calm charisma and level-headed manner, even patients with anxiety quickly feel at ease and gain confidence in treatment by Víctor and his team. "There are no surprises with us and patients feel in control throughout their treatment." When he’s not practising dentistry, Víctor loves diving into Mallorca's crystal-clear waters and exploring the island.

Kathrin Bauer

Clinic Manager

Born in 1986, Kathrin is a dental administrative assistant, dental practice consultant, paramedic, and hygiene officer and has run the VHD Dental practice as the practice manager together with Victor from the beginning.

Kathrin is responsible for the entire organisation of the practice.

Through her extensive qualifications, she advises on alternative care options and is responsible for individual and group prophylaxis for adults and children. Kathrin also assists Victor at the dentist's chair. She assists with difficult treatments, prosthetics, surgery and implantations.

Thanks to her attention to detail and many years of experience, Victor can rely on her completely. When

Kathrin is not at the practice, she enjoys Mallorca’s nature with her dog or visits her family in Germany.

Dr. Guillermo Julià Català

Dr. Guillermo Julià Català was born in 1986. He studied at the prestigious International University of Catalonia in Barcelona. He obtained a Master's Degree in Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation and a Diploma in Implantology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Guillermo has been practicing his passion for dentistry and implantology since 2011. This passion leads him to the constant search for new and advanced techniques, such as guided surgery and immediate loads, streamlining and perfecting dental and implantology treatments. Thanks to his extensive training and experience, as well as his self-demand, he is capable of restoring the aesthetics and function of our patients to the highest level. His motto is: "Dentistry is like an art and each dental restoration is unique."

In his free time, Guillermo likes to play tennis and sail, both by sea and by air.

Dr. Alejandro Juan Piza Moragues

Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery

From Algaida comes Dr. Alejandro Juan Piza Moragues, he is our maxillofacial surgeon trained in Italy, France and Spain. His specialization includes areas such as oncology, traumatology, advanced oral implantology, facial deformity surgery and facial aesthetic surgery. 

During his career he made outstanding collaborations in surgery for craniofacial malformations. Its virtual planning capabilities allow for complicated procedures that focus on functional and aesthetic harmony of the face. 

Like the entire VHD Dental team, it is constantly updated and strives to offer optimal solutions as well as comprehensive and individual care that improves the quality of life of its patients. 

In his free time he enjoys his native Mallorca with all his senses.

Mariana Morlio


Born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been living on the island for 9 years. Mariana is our receptionist and administrative assistant.

She greets all visitors of VHD Dental with a smile and good humor. Mariana will answer all kinds of questions and arrange individual appointments. 

With her organizational talent, she is a great asset to our dental practice.

In her free time, she enjoys the island with her family and loves fashion, dance and painting.

Sophie Sanchez Rundgren

Dental Assistance

Sophie was born in Palma de Mallorca in 2005. She has Swedish and Spanish citizenship and grew up speaking three languages.

She greets all of our patients with a smile and lots of cheerfulness.

Sophie is Victor's right-hand man at the dentist's chair and supports him with all conservative and surgical treatments.In addition to patient care, Sophie's other main task is the organization and maintenance of the treatment rooms and materials.

Sophie enjoys spending her free time with her loved ones. She finds particular relaxation when walking with her dog or listening to music.