Our priority is tooth preservation over tooth replacement, because in our opinion: Nothing is better than the teeth we already have.

To keep these teeth healthy and functioning for as long as possible, they need your care and our regular check-ups.

We don't want to overwhelm you with technical terms. On this page, you will find our primary areas of application.

Beyond what you see listed here, we also offer everything that a well-trained dentist can do.

Emergency treatments

In Spain, it is particularly difficult to find a dentist in the evening or at weekends. Because we are aware of this, and we know how bad toothache can be, we are of course here for you around the clock in case of emergencies.

Did you break off a piece of your tooth? Has your filling come loose? Do you suddenly have a toothache or a swelling in your face and don't know where to go? Call us! We will help you quickly and with lasting effect.

You can also find more information at the bottom of each page under "Emergency service".


Exclusive treatments

We are here for you, even outside regular office hours and not only in emergencies.

There are many reasons why you can't or don't want to make it to our practice during office hours.

Just call and make a personal appointment.


Child dental Treatments

You should schedule your child’s first check-up to be about six months after their first tooth appears. We even recommend taking your child with you to your check-ups. It is during the examinations that an initial bond is established. The trust that develops is particularly important when it comes to preventing a patient from discontinuing treatment later on in life. We do not like to do extensive dental work during the very first appointment, unless expressly desired by the child. We try to make the visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible and to make this encounter a positive one.

Treatments options for children are very limited, so regular prophylaxis and preventive check-ups are mandatory. The intervals of the visits are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the child’s degree of cooperation and their oral hygiene habits.

Our toothbrushing training teaches techniques to make brushing teeth easier and to establish a daily routine.

Anxious patients

We encourage you to come to our practice because we are trained and prepared for people who suffer from oral phobia. We take you and your fears seriously and plan plenty of time to explain every little step to you. If necessary, we are also happy to conduct your treatment under light or full sedation.

Rest assured, there will never be time pressure during our treatments. Trust us .

You can also find more information at the bottom of each page under "Anxious patients".


Treatments under sedation

We offer treatment under oral anaesthesia for patients who are sensitive to pain. If necessary, we will invite an anaesthetist to join us, who will put you into a relaxed semi-conscious state.

This means that you will have no pain during the treatment and will be relaxed. You might even be so deeply relaxed that you won't even remember the treatment.

If treatment under these conditions is not enough for you, we can treat you in a local hospital. Here you will have a full anaesthesia care team to monitor your circulation and breathing while we treat your teeth.



Would you like a better smile or do you have problems with your jaw joint? Does your child have a misaligned tooth and you don't know what to do? 

We advise you, regardless of age, on the prevention, detection and treatment of dental and jaw misalignments. Because dento maxillary orthopedics/orthodontics is a particular specialization of Dr. Víctor J. Hernández Darias. An integral dentistry, taking into account current standards and new techniques, awaits you at our Dental Clinic. 

From splinting therapy for simple tooth correction to Damon (Ormco) braces treatment and Hyrax palate expansion, we treat you with a full personalized treatment concept. 

Say goodbye to muscle problems and call us for more information.

 Call us! 


Cosmetic dentistry

o If your teeth are fine but you are unhappy about their colour, position, shape, size, or alignment, talk to us.

We also offer splint therapy if malocclusions need to be corrected. Depending on the severity, we may refer you to an orthodontist.

Dental aesthetics is important for personal well-being and we think that everyone has the right to a spontaneous, beautiful smile.


Tooth whitening

Tooth discolouration can be stressful. That's why we would be happy to whiten your teeth. This treatment takes about an hour.

For optimum tooth whitening success, you should avoid dark foods and drinks as well as smoking for one week after the treatment.

This significantly improves the treatment result. If you do not follow our recommendation, the opposite effect can occur and your teeth can become significantly darker.


Hyaluronic acid treatments

We always look at the whole package and know how important it is to feel good in your body. We use hyaluronic acid treatments if, in addition to clean and well-groomed teeth, you also want to reduce the wrinkles around your mouth or improve your lip contour or fullness.

Hyaluronic acid can also be used in surgical procedures to improve wound healing. For permanent cosmetic treatments, we will recommend you to a highly professional studio.

Feel free to contact us if you think hyaluronic acid treatment might be an option for you.


Professional dental cleaning/prophylaxis

Optimal oral hygiene can reduce caries and periodontal diseases. You can do a lot yourself by brushing your teeth regularly and using dental floss and interdental brushes. But even with the best dental care, you can't always get to all the spots.

That's why you have us: we'll get rid of stubborn plaque and get into all the places you can't reach.

Regular professional tooth cleaning is an important prophylactic measure that cares for your teeth and prevents diseases of the teeth and the periodontium. It is part of optimal dental care and ensures impeccable oral health.

A professional tooth cleaning together with the dental check-up is the best basis for a healthy mouth.


Periodontal therapy

Periodontal disease usually begins with a genetic predisposition or through inadequate oral hygiene. Tartar, which is formed from the combination of plaque, food residues and saliva, initially only damages the gums. Inflammation of the gums, gingivitis, occurs.

You will notice if your gums bleed from time to time or if you have bad breath. You should act now at the latest and come to us. Most of the time we can prevent the worst with professional teeth cleaning.

When your gums recede, the bone often recedes too, and this recession and swelling of the gums creates deep gum pockets. You cannot clean these pockets yourself and new inflammations (periodontitis) will recur over and over. We strongly recommend a regular, prompt check-up and deep cleaning of the tooth pocket. If periodontitis is not treated, it can lead to tooth loss. The inflammation can spread to the surrounding connective tissue and the jaw bones. The insidious thing about it is that this disease often goes unnoticed for years because it is initially painless. It is only when acute inflammations form and cause pain that pockets have already formed in which the bacteria are up to their mischief. Tissue and bone continue to recede and eventually, the tooth can no longer be held and falls out.

Regular check-ups and treatment therapy, depending on the progression of the periodontitis, are therefore very important for the preservation of your teeth.


Conservative dentistry / dental fillings

If we have to treat defective teeth or affected gums, we restore them with tooth-preserving measures.

We remove as little as possible of the healthy tooth. If teeth are more severely affected, we reconstruct them directly in the mouth: gently, by means of a reconstruction.



If we cannot save the natural tooth despite all our efforts, a replacement must be found.

These include veneers, crowns, bridges, and removable dentures.

We discuss and plan all this with you. Together is also the key word here. You can have your say in the choice of a laboratory. This helps us to adapt the service and price to your needs.

We are not satisfied until you are.


Root canal treatments

Caries are the most common reason for root canal treatment. Advanced caries cause bacteria to enter your tooth root and trigger inflammatory processes.

The more these bacteria spread, the more painful it becomes for you. If the bacteria penetrate to the tip of the root, they can spread from here to the bones and soft tissues of the face. The body's protective reaction occasionally even causes a highly visible facial swelling. At this point, a root canal treatment is necessary.

Without treatment, in the worst case, the bacteria migrate into the body via the blood and can trigger various diseases, inflammatory reactions and septic shock.


Root apex resection

If symptoms recur after root canal treatment, an apicoectomy may be appropriate.

We will discuss with you individually whether this is appropriate and feasible.

In this treatment, a small bone window is created to separate and remove the inflamed root tip.


Tooth extraction

If your tooth is absolutely unsalvageable due to the degree of bacterial infestation or looseness, we have to remove it.

This can be done on an outpatient basis with a local anaesthetic or under light anaesthesia accompanied by an anaesthetist, also in our practice.

If the treatment is more extensive or you suffer from a pronounced oral phobia, talk to us.



Artificial teeth and tooth roots are made of titanium or ceramic and replace lost teeth or even a completely toothless jaw. Due to a permanently fixed anchorage, dental implants are comparable to natural tooth roots.

These dentures improve your quality of life in the long term because the function and aesthetics of your dentition are restored and look completely natural.

We perform implants in our practice or in one of the local hospitals.


Surgery / maxillofacial surgery

Surgery in the field of dentistry includes treatments such as tooth extractions, root tip resections, removal of tongue and lip frenulum and implantations. Should critical oral surgical measures become necessary, we work together with Dr. Jaume Vedera on an interdisciplinary basis.

What this means for you: From diagnostics to therapy and prevention, you are in good hands with us.

We are your go-to practice for the aesthetic rehabilitation of diseases, injuries, malformations and changes to the teeth, oral cavity and jaw.

Any treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis in our practice with local anaesthesia, under light sedation or even in a local hospital under full anaesthesia.


Generally, here at VDH-Dental we like to make appointments over the phone, and are happy to book them at weekends or at times that suit you.Thanks to our clever appointment system, you will have almost no waiting time. To make this happen for everyone, we kindly ask you to be on time. If you still need to cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance. This allows other patients to make a timely appointment.